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Mind Therapy

The 'Mind Therapy' application is designed to help people recover from traumatic events.

Developed by applying EEG and heart rate variability technology, it can measure left-right brain balance, brain activity, and stress recovery through real-time EEG/heart rate variability tests. 

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Brain Therapy

We offer meditation program with neurofeedback and binaural beats.

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Binaural beats

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Autonomic Nerve Therapy

The deep breathing and butterfly hug programs is prepared for your autonomic nervous system stabilization. Several options for deep breathing were provided. You can choose whatever you feel comfortable with. We provide a video where you can follow the butterfly hug.

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Brain Game

We visually represents the response when alpha waves are enhanced to help train the brain waves. The balloon's face will change along with your alpha waves. Enhance alpha waves through exciting game!

Experience Mind Therapy

Let's install Mind Therapy and find inner peace with us.

Click the download button to install the Mind Therapy!

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